Swedish one-man band polka-fies Star Wars and Tetris themes

Credit: Youtube

This is Anders Flanderz, a Swede with a whole lot of musical talent and a penchant for attention. Oft found touring around the shopping centers of the Swedish province or Uppland, Flanderz is a modern version of Danny Kaye's character Bert from Mary Poppins. You could also argue that he's equally cheery and odd as was Mr. Kaye.

Flanderz's one-man band getup includes the requisite heel-operated cymbals and drum, an accordion, a keyboard, multiple chest-mounted horns, and a bicycle horn. He's even got a xylophone and other instruments set up beside his tip hat that he can head over to through the course of his performances. The performances themselves aren't what you might call "faithful reproductions" of the original soundtracks. Flanderz rendition of the Star Wars theme, in particular, is about as jaunty as an epic sci-fi orchestral number can get.

Flanderz, it should be mentioned, doesn't only play happy-go-lucky versions of classic sci-fi and videogame themes. He's actually written some of his own music as well, some of which can be downloaded on his site here. Whether or not his original stuff is the sort that toots your horn, he's one talented dude. It's gotta take a lot of fine motor skills to play all those instruments simultaneously, right?

Anders Flanderz, via Geekologie

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