Microsoft's smartwatch will work with iOS and Android, last two days

Credit: Mithun Darji

Designing a good smartwatch is tough. From battery life to small screens to figuring to comfort, there are all kinds of problems that the current crop of smartwatches haven't solved. The biggest issue is compatibility.

The Pebble works on Android and iOS, but it's better on Android. Samsung's Galaxy Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smartwatches only work with its own Galaxy-branded smartphones and tablets. The same applies for Sony's Smartwatches. Apple's rumored iWatch will be locked down to iOS devices. See where we're going?

Google's upcoming Android Wear program should help standardize smartwatches so that they work with most flagship Android mobile devices, but it's still a controlled ecosystem. According to Forbes Microsoft is working on a better idea: a smartwatch that works on the three major smartphone platforms: iOS, Android, and its own Windows Phone 8.

Forbes confirms previous reports that the Xbox and Kinect division are indeed working on the smartwatch. The smartwatch will reportedly resemble Samsung's Gear Fit with a "full-color touchscreen about the size of half a stick of gum, positioned on the inside of the wearer's wrist." The design is said to enable easier viewing of private notifications.

Also, like the Samsung Gear Fit, Microsoft's smartwatch will have a built-in heart rate monitor that'll work all day and night. Battery will last two days on a charge.

Since former CEO Steve Ballmer ejected himself from Microsoft, the company's changed for the better. Instead of trying to "kill" Google and Apple with their own hardware, the company under CEO Satya Nadella is bringing their strengths (i.e. Office) to every major platform — where the users are. Microsoft knows it's too late for Windows Phone 8. That platform's as good as dead. By cozying up with Android and iOS, Microsoft stands a chance at staying relevant.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft is also partnering up with PH Technical abs to develop a Windows Phone app for their HOT Watch. Makes you wonder if any of the HOT Watch features will make it into Microsoft's own smartwatch. If not, maybe the recently revealed patent on a Microsoft smartwatch holds some key info on their wearable.

Via Forbes

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