Jet powered flying car is straight out of the Batcave

Flying car concepts come in all shapes and sizes, but the GF7 is a breed all its own. Designed for folks with pockets as deep as Bruce Wayne's, this matte black four seater is a personal jet that also happens to be a street legal luxury sedan. Thanks to the added muscle its jet engine provides, the GF7 is able to climb to 38,000 feet, way higher than any other flying car currently in development, and thus take advantage of loosened FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) speed regulations.

When in the air, the GF7 (which really should have been called the Batwing, if you ask us) is capable of hitting speeds of up to 550 miles per hour. Since that's a bit fast for even the most lenient of traffic cops, the GF7 swaps over to an electric motor for street driving. This electric motor, which is recharged mid-flight by the jet engine, has a range of 80 to 100 miles per charge and a top speed of 100 miles per hour. There's even an optional range extender that will let you drive for hundreds of miles on a single charge. That's neat and all, but if you need to travel over 100 miles and you own a flying car, maybe don't take the freeway, genius.

To get your hands on a Batwing of your own, you'll have to shell out somewhere between $3-5 million. You'll also have to wait at least four years for its creators Greg Brown and Dave Fawcett to get a working prototype together — that or hand the plans over to Lucius Fox and see what he can do with them. Either way, if you're planning on fighting fighting crime in more than one neighboring city on a given day, the GF7 looks pretty indispensable.

Via Gizmag

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