Sabertron is like laser tag, but with Lightsaber-like foam swords

Credit: Sabertron

It's taken a couple of attempts, but it looks like the LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) world will finally get the intelligent foam sword of its dreams. The Sabertron is 50 percent foam, 50 percent smartphone guts and entirely awesome. Able to discern between strikes on the blade of another sword and your fleshy bits, the Sabertron keeps reliable score of who's winning and who should be shipped off to the morgue.

The way the Sabertron works is by pairing an accelerometer with a bit of wireless tech. Every one of the sword's impacts is registered by the sword's accelerometer, but those that strike your opponent's sword are detected by the wireless receiver and negated. When you score a blow against a part of your opponent that isn't their sword, however, their sword registers it as a fair hit and they lose a health point from their light-up hilt. Three of these hits and they're dead.

After a failed Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, the Sabertron team went back to the drawing board. What they came back with was a refined sword design, a smaller funding goal, and a whole slough of ideas for the future. Now that they've raised nearly double their $50,000 goal, the plan is to introduce everything from connected shields to chest-mounted health meters and suits of armor over the next couple of years.

If your dream has always been to slice your way through hordes of pirates and ninjas, head on over to Sabertron's project page and snap up a foam Excalibur of your own.

Via Kickstarter

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