Insane Equinox race car concept is powered by twin jet engines

Credit: Ben Tabbitt

Ever since the invention of the wheel, humanity has been fixated on one thing: going fast. We revere our fastest runners, racers and the tech that gets them to top speed. Designed by Ben Tabbitt, the Equinox is a concept racer that just might blow everything else right off the raceway. Sitting in its escape-pod sized cockpit, you'll be suspended between its massive twin jet engines — prepped for the ride of your life.

With engines fit to lift a passenger aircraft into the blue, Tabbitt's concept will have a heck of a time staying on the tarmac. Even the Equinox's third set of wheels and its numerous fins will be hard-pressed to keep all that raw power in check. (Any attempt at cornering is going to be a pipe dream.) As the Equinox looks to be just about 90 percent engine, with that last tenth left over for preserving your adrenaline-soaked hide, it likely won't come equipped with much a of a fuel reserve either.

Even though the Equinox isn't cut from the right sort of cloth to duke it out with the Formula 1 crowd, when it comes to drag racing nothing short of a rocket on four (or six) wheels could catch it. Here's hoping Tabbitt finds an investor just as crazy as his design, because we'd love to see what the Equinox could do with some real pavement beneath its tires.

Behance, via Yanko Design

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