Chinese company wants to build this spectacular floating city

With so many of China's 1.4 billion people clustered around its coastline, things can get pretty crowded. So instead of using more precious land space to build the cities of the future, a Chinese company has proposed using some of the 71 percent of the Earth's surface that's covered by water for expansion.

Floating City will be a four square mile structure that floats like an iceberg, with some of the surface structure visible above the surface, but most of the action happening down below the waterline. Built on land in large hexagonal sections, the pieces will be slotted together like a giant jigsaw puzzle in the ocean. Designed to be totally self-sufficient, Floating City will have its own farms and waste disposal systems, and will offer everything from housing to entertainment, sports complexes and shopping. Transportation will be provided using a series of underwater tunnels and submarines.

Before you cry foul and say that this will never happen, you should know that the proposal comes from the China Communications Construction Company (CCCC). These are the same folks who are currently building a 31 mile bridge connecting Macao to Hong Kong, so it's not like they're a bunch of noobs. That crossing also includes a lengthy underwater tunnel, which makes it sound like they have their water construction chops down too.

To create a plan for Floating City, CCCC turned to an architecture firm called AT Design Office, and they came up with the basic design of how it could all fit together. CCCC is now looking over the proposal with the China Transport Investment Comapny who may finance the project. It all seems a bit fanciful, but this wouldn't be the first time that China has actually built something that seemed like a pipe dream when you first saw the proposal.

Check out the gallery below to see some renderings of how Floating City might eventually look.

Dezeen, via Dangerous Minds

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