Rumor: Samsung prepping its own VR headset for mobile devices

Virtual reality is untested water. The initial demos are great, but a single capable platform with full-fledge content (games, movies, etc.) has yet to launch. all of the VR headsets including the Oculus Rift, Sony's Project Morpheus, and even the new ANTVR Kit are still "beta" products. Not to be left behind, Samsung is reportedly working on its own VR headset.

According to Engadget, Samsung is rumored to be making a virtual reality headset with the hopes of competing against the Oculus Rift and Sony's Project Morpheus. Little is known about the headset except that it has an OLED screen and developers are already testing a models powered by high-end Galaxy smartphones such as the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5.

Additionally, the VR headset will reportedly be designed for Android games.

This all makes sense. The VR market is about explode. Facebook's purchase of Oculus VR and its Oculus Rift headset technology sent a shockwave throughout the entire world: virtual reality is the future, and you'd better get in it now, or be left behind.

Samsung, the world's largest electronics company follows tech trends closely, often trying to steal thunder from its competitors. It destroyed Sony back in the early 2000s with affordable HDTVs, and then flooded the market with its Android-powered Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

With the future trending towards wearables and virtual reality, Samsung, too is getting in on those. It brought out the Gear smartwatches to beat Apple's rumored iWatch and compete with the Pebble. The company's also rumored to be launching its own Google Glass rival called "Galaxy Glass" by the end of the year. A rumor about Samsung getting into VR isn't fishy, it's logical.

Naturally, Samsung plans to use its manufacturing might to undercut the Rift and Project Morpheus headsets. The big question is, how good will their VR headset be? VR isn't just about a headset (everyone is making one of those), it's also about content. If Samsung's VR headset doesn't have content, it'll be DOA.

Via Engadget

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