Doodle drones into reality with your own 3D printing pen

Credit: Questpact

3D printing pens probably aren't the best way to take notes in class. If, on the other hand, you're bored out of your mind by today's lecture and you'd rather do something more constructive with your time, then they just might be the writing styli-shaped tool you need. All you'll need to do is follow in the footsteps of YouTuber "Questpact" and sketch yourself a cute little drone instead of taking notes.

For the most part, a 3D printing pen isn't the ideal way to fabricate yourself a plastic anything. These little plastic-extruding pens generally produce subpar and weaker constructs because they lack a schematic or the super-human precision of a printer tray. In the hands of a pro, however, it looks like they're well up to the task of printing up a drone or two. With 3D printing pens capable of printing in human tissues and bone on the horizon, we're fairly glad that he succeeded.

It took Questpact only about two and a half hours (ha!) of doodling time to whip up a fully-functional quadrotor. He did work from a sketched blueprint, and he already had the rotors and circuitry he needed to get the drone aloft on-hand, but either way, it's a job well done in our book. It also just goes to show you that both 3D printing and public access to drones really are here to stay, despite any legal quandries the government might face.

sUAS News, via DIY Drones

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