Infinadeck is the floor your VR holodeck has been waiting for

Credit: Infinadeck

Though the Oculus Rift itself has pretty much hit the big time, virtual reality (VR) itself is still finding its footing. After all, having a headset that tracks where you're looking is one thing, but stepping into a virtual world is something else entirely. To help you get where you're going in-game, a number of omnidirectional treadmills have popped up over the last year or two. The latest addition to their ranks is something called Infinadeck, and it could very well be the best of the bunch.

What sets Infinadeck apart from treadmills like Virtuix Omni is that it doesn't come with any special shoes or other gear. You simply hop on and start touring around in whatever VR world you'd like. As well as being more convenient, this means that any of your friends who want to test out your rig can play too. The Infinadeck also has a larger surface than its competition, allowing you to take longer, more natural strides.

With a surface that moves beneath your feet (as opposed to a slick surface that eliminates friction), the Infinadeck can actually alter your perception of the ground you're walking along. Climbing virtual hills will feel harder than strolling down a lane. Walking down a steep slope will have you worrying about your footing. We do hope that future versions of the Infinadeck will come equipped with some sort of harness to keep us on our feet, but since the folks behind this new omnidirectional treadmill only just unveiled their prototype this week, we'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

There's no word yet on when the Infinadeck will go on sale just yet, but its inventors do claim that it will be "the world's first affordable" VR treadmill. Here's hoping their definition of affordable matches up with the balance in our bank accounts, because we can't wait to step into VR on ground that feels as solid as it looks.

Infinadeck, via Re/code

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