Concept Lightsaber Knife slices and dices food fit for a Jedi

Credit: Electrolux

Lightsabers aren't quite a reality yet. Actually, we've only just begun to understand the physics involved in binding photons together. Designer Chia-Yu Yeh's Electrolux Design Lab entry, a concept Lightsaber Knife, reaches for the stars a bit. Then again, what she's dreamed up is actually a little more Terminator than it isStar Wars.

The "Lightsaber Knife" is a knife handle which generates whatever sort of blade you need to whip up a meal for yourself. Just press a button on the Lightsaber Knife's (admittedly very Star Wars looking) handle and this intelligent bit of cutlery morphs its liquid metal blade into one of five specially-designed shapes.

Of course, a shape-shifting knife that reforges itself at your every whim is definitely something to be kept out of the reach of children. Thankfully, Yeh has designed her concept to include a fingerprint scanner so as to keep this potential weapon from slicing or dicing in any hands except those of your home's master chef.

Cool as it sounds, don't hold your breath for this one to show up on store shelves anytime soon. As far as we know, even the U.S. military doesn't have liquid metal as advanced as that seen in Terminator 2 yet, so we'll probably have to wait quite a while before tech capable of creating the T1000 becomes so mundane as to be fit for your kitchen counter.

Electrolux, via Yanko Design

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