Image of the Day: Stand next to Curiosity on Mars

The worst thing about being old (like, older than maybe 10 or so) is that you're probably not going to live long enough to have a chance to go visit Mars on vacation.


For now, the best we can do is to just live vicariously through the robots that are exploring Mars for us, which is not nearly as good, but, you know, it's what we've got. Every once in a while, the Curiosity rover takes a break from doing science and spends some time taking a look around. Sometimes, NASA makes a big deal out of these pics, but other times, they just toss 'em all up online in pieces and move on. Fortunately, there are talented people who pay attention to these things, and one of them (a dude named Andrew Bodrov from Estonia) put together this remarkable interactive panorama from pictures taken ON MARS just a few days ago. It's like you're standing right next to the rover. And make sure and take advantage of the massive amount of zoom at your disposal to check out things like Curiosity's dented wheels and the details in the layers of red dust on top of everything.

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Via Universe Today

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