Draw in the air with the LIX 3D printing pen

Credit: LIX

The world is full of creative folks. And many of those creative people are now turning their attention to 3D printing to make their art and designs physical. We've seen 3D printing pens before, but those like the 3Doodler are too bulky in the hand to make precise designs. This is where the LIX 3D printing pen comes in: not only does it allow you to draw without paper, but it is as thin and lightweight as a standard writing pen, giving users a way to 3D print with more detail than ever.

The LIX 3D printing pen works just like a standard 3D printer. You place the plastic filaments inside the pen, where they are melted down to create the "ink." When you draw, this "ink" cools, and becomes rigid. The pen is highly portable and uses a USB 3.0 port for power, rather than a wall outlet. Also, because of its size and light weight, it can draw virtually any shape you can imagine.

This pen also stands out from competitors for something much more visceral: its design. It’s a sophisticated professional-looking pen made of aluminum that comes in two colors: black and gray. In fact, its creators based the design on a standard technical pen that many artists and designers are already familiar with. It was designed with creative professionals in mind, and will function in a variety of projects, like creating unique designs on clothing by replacing embroidering, creating jewelry pieces, and developing prototypes. The best part is that it offers 3D printing without any knowledge of design software, which is often expensive and difficult to learn.

The LIX Kickstarter has already met its funding, but you can still donate to get an early version of the pen. Just pledge $135 and you'll get the pen along with 15 bags of mixed color filament to draw with.

Via Kickstarter

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