Adorable micro LEGO gadgets bring back old-school tech nostalgia

Credit: Chris McVeigh

In the old days, TVs were heavy, got poor reception and didn't even come with a remote control. Gaming consoles, for their part, were clunky, featured simple controls and often needed to be blown on or struck before they'd work. Despite all these shortcomings, the simple sight of something like an Apple IIe or an Atari console still fills those if us who pine for a simpler time with pangs of nostalgia — and LEGO, forget about it.

LEGO builder and general creator of all things awesome Chris McVeigh has apparently had some of those same feelings of late, because he's (literally) put together a number of LEGO creations based on the tech of yesteryear. There are vintage computers, TVs, gaming consoles, cameras and even a couple of rotary phones. All of the creations are fairly tiny builds, just about big enough to decorate your desk without taking up the space reserved for your coffee cup or those memos your boss feels the need to continuously drop off.

If you'd like a little desktop Nintendo system of your own, and you've got the LEGOs lying around, you can head on over to McVeigh's website and download yourself a free set of build instructions. If you're lacking the parts, but still want one of these awesome retro tech LEGO designs, McVeigh does sell ready-to-build kits as well, ranging from about $18 to almost $80.

Chris McVeigh, via Colossal

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