R2-D2 infrared-projecting keyboard is your tablet's last typing hope

Still carrying a keyboard attachment around in your bag for your tablet? It's time to cut back on the clutter and step into the future with an infrared-projected keyboard.

Infrared-projected keyboards are as common as any computer peripheral, but for some inexplicable reason so many people have never even heard of them. (Probably because most of them are terrible to type with.) Every few years, some company tries to tout their infrared keyboard as the hottest thing since sliced bread. But this time, they got me. Tell me this R2-D2 infrared keyboard isn't the coolest one you've ever seen?

From Japan's imp. comes this adorable little Artoo infrared keyboard. Like most computer accessories, the device connects to any compatible device (iOS, Android, Windows 7/8, OS X) via Bluetooth 3.0. It then projects an infrared QWERTY keyboard on any flat surface. Keystrokes are registered when your fingers tap each "button." The infrared sensor registers your finger blocking a certain key and then it translates that into a digital signal.

But licensed Star Wars junk from Brando this isn't. "Imp.", the company behind the sweet IR keyboard, went the extra mile to ensure this mech is up to snuff to be your desk mate. R2-D2 makes authentic "BREEEET! B­EEP-DWOOP-TWEET" droid sounds when powered on/off, typed on, and the volume is changed.

It might not be a hologram, but it's still pretty rad. For Star Wars geeks, the 70 x 97 x 49mm keyboard-projecting keyboard with the 32 foot range, is going to be a must own. But only if you're willing to pay about $330 for one.

Run'A Town, Technabob

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