Pentagon is dead serious about its fake zombie apocalypse plan

Credit: Dan LuVisi

The Pentagon has an unclassified document known as Conplan 8888, or the "Counter-Zombie Dominance" plan. Unlike the plan issued by the CDC a couple years back, this is not a survival guide for the masses. Instead, Conplan 8888 is a five-phase military strategy for restoring order after the outbreak. And just in case some of you out there doubt the sincerity of this 37-page document, here's the first line: "This plan was not actually designed as a joke."

So there you go. Conplan 8888 goes on to detail the different types of zombies that the military might encounter during the outbreak. These range from your traditional pathogenic zombies (PZs), carriers of the disease, to occult-induced evil magic zombies (EMZs) and non-threatening vegetarian zombies (VZs). Even the real-world chicken zombie is covered — over four paragraphs.

Much like the CDC's zombie contingency plan was found to function as a good plan of action during any pandemic, Conplan 8888 also serves a greater purpose: training military planning personnel. When learning how to draw up military operations, the brain-trust-in-training needs to assign somebody as the enemy. Of course, if any real nation got wind that the Pentagon was working up plans on how to defeat them militarily, there could be a bit of political fallout.

Nobody likes a zombie though, so the military industrial complex can feel free to draw up plans that include the use of land mines and flame walls to their collective heart's content. Heck, we encourage it. If you'd like to read up on the Pentagon's plan for the zombie apocalypse (as well as how woefully ill-prepared they are to carry it out), check it out here.

Scribd, via Slash Gear

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