Modular mini-rover climbs stairs and does your yardwork too

Credit: Axon Robotics

Nowadays it can feel like everybody under the Sun has a robot rover except for you. The military uses them for just about everything, hospitals can port doctors across the globe with telepresence robots, and NASA has been tooling around on Mars for years. If startup Axon Robotics has anything to say about it, this rift between the have-robots and the have-nots is about to come to its end.

With the introduction of the AX-1 rover, you and anybody else with a spare $500 saved up will soon be able to have a rover to call your own. What's more, the AX-1 is highly modular. Outfitting it with an extendable smartphone holder gives you a telepresence 'bot of your own, while the extendable grabber arm lets you play at exploring Mars. There's even a planned accessory that blows leaves off your lawn and melts the snow on your driveway.

What th AX-1 really represents is the onset of the robot multi-tool. With five accessory bays and three sensor bays, you can pick and choose how you want your particular unit to function. The AX-1 is currently a finalist in Robohub's Robot Launch competition, with a win going a long way toward it becoming a reality sooner than later. We've got our fingers crossed that you'll be able to get your hands on one before the leaves start to fall.

Robohub, via Vimeo

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