Live long and prosper in this Star Trek themed mansion

If you've ever dreamed of becoming the captain of your own starship, then it's highly logical that you would need a suitable mansion to hang at between missions. This Boca Raton Florida place looks like it would fit the bill perfectly, and it can be yours for a mere $35 million.

The house was built by Broadway producer and founder Marc Bell, and from the looks of it, it's pretty clear that he's really just a kid at heart. With over 34,000 square feet including eight bedrooms, sixteen bathrooms (insane!), and three dining areas, space is never going to be the final frontier in this house.

While most of the ground floor looks pretty standard in an uber-rich billionaire kind of way, it's when you get down to the basement and game room that you really need to set your house hunting phasers to stun. The game room features a fine collection of over 60 vintage video and pinball machines, including of course the various Star Trek machines that were available over the years. There are also air hockey, pool, and foosball tables to keep you occupied when you're not using the full-sized basketball court.

But it's in the home theater and adjoining lounge where you really feel like you've taken over the controls of Starship NCC-1701. The theater audio system has plenty of power, so even if you're giving her all she's got, captain, it should still sound amazing.

So if you have $35 million burning a hole in your pocket and want to be the commander of your own starship house, beam yourself at warp speed to Florida so you can check out this beauty. Resistance is futile.

Douglas Elliman Real Estate, via CNET

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