Six-legged speedster-bot runs circles around you

Outside of the military industrial complex, legged robots that can toast your track times are few and far between. We grant you that the average person doesn't really need a quick-as-lightning R/C jogging buddy, but that doesn't stop us from craving one like it was the very last slice of a Chicago-style pizza. Capable of handling all sorts of terrain and keeping up with even the speediest humans, this is the OutRunner.

If any robot in recent memory were named appropriately, this might be the 'bot. Capable of speeds up to 20 miles per hour with two hours of endurance, the OutRunner is basically a marathon-running Usain Bolt. It can also tackle grass, asphalt, dirt, and pretty much anything else your average morning jog can dish out. It's self-balancing for those tricky patches of gravel, and can be controlled from your smartphone.

Another of the OutRunner's neat tricks is the ability to put you in the driver's seat, thanks to an onboard HD camera which can stream live video back to your phone. This way, even if you're not up for a jog, you can see what its like to zip along the ground at top speed. Of course, getting your hands on a six-legged, self balancing speedster of a robot isn't the cheapest thing in the world: the 20 mile-per-hour OutRunner Performance rings up at $799 on Kickstarter, while its stripped-down, 10 mile-per-hour OutRunner "Core" little brother still costing a steep $299. At least it less than the Boston Dynamics version, even if it is slightly less cool.

Via Kickstarter

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