Land Rover concept uses augmented reality to turn car hood transparent

Credit: Land Rover

Land Rover isn't your slouch of a car company. The go-to choice for off-road enthusiasts, Land Rovers are known for eating rough terrain for breakfast. What the company isn't really known for is its cutting-edge tech. With the announcement of a new see-through hood concept, however, that stigma could be about to go the way of the dodo.

What Land Rover is proposing isn't some sort of plexiglass hood. Rather, it's an augmented reality (AR) system that actually makes it seem as if the entire front end of your SUV has gone transparent. With the AR system enabled, you'll be able to see right through to the road in front of you, assuring that you don't bottom out on a steep incline or an errant boulder.

Of course the concept wouldn't actually make anything transparent at all — that would be another technological breakthrough altogether. What Land Rover is proposing is an AR windshield, paired with a camera mounted on the bottom of your vehicle. Overlaying the video feed from that camera on top of your car's solid hood, it will appear that you can actually see through your vehicle to the ground below.

It's a pretty cool idea, and if it comes to fruition, we'd be interested to see just what else we might be able to make transparent with a similar setup. After all, a see-through hood is cool, but x-ray AR glasses would be even cooler.

Land Rover, via The Verge

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