World's largest game of Tetris lights up Philadelphia's skyline

Credit: Drexel University

Over the weekend, Philadelphia's Cira Centre became more than just another skyscraper. Taking control of the building's 1,400 LED lights, a team of engineers hosted the world's largest game of Tetris. Seeing the game's iconic blocks flipping down the side of a 29-story building, passersby and Tetris enthusiasts alike (wait, we have those?) lined up to test their skill at playing the titanic video game.

Led by Drexel University professor Frank Lee, the team behind the project has previously created a giant game of Pong in the Cira Centre's façade, garnering themselves an entry in the Guinness World Records for the creation of the largest video game ever in the process. This weekend's Tetris game actually took up two separate faces of the building, making it twice as large as that record-holding game of Pong.

The use of two sides of the building also allowed for player-versus-player Tetris matches. This isn't the first time someone has commandeered a building for video gaming purposes, but every time one of these massive gaming screens lights up the night sky, the reaction is the same. People congregate around the players, cheering them on and sharing in their mistakes. And that's the best part of playing a giant game of Tetris: it get's people to interact and have fun together in the real world. For that reason alone, Philadelphia's giant game of Tetris just might be the best video game ever. (Sorry Titanfall!)

New York Times, via TechCrunch

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