Will.i.am claims to have invented ultimate smartwatch

Credit: BBC

Last week, Will.i.am showed up on BBC 4's Chatty Man program wearing what looked like a bulky bracelet. What it turned out to be instead was a brand new smartwatch that the musician has developed in his spare time. What's more, this smartwatch doesn't even require a smartphone for any of its functionality.

Featuring a curved touchscreen, the watch can even make calls. It's a fully functional smartphone that just happens to be in the form of a watch. It's got Bluetooth connectivity, enough storage space for your music, and what sounds like a pretty legit set of speakers. Will.i.am states that he can check Facebook, Twitter and the like as well as wear his smartwatch to the gym. Theoretically that means it's got a data connection and maybe even a bit of activity tracking tech.

That being said, there's plenty we still don't know about the new device. For instance, in the video Will.i.am seems to be wearing two matching smartwatches, or maybe the smartwatch is actually in two parts. (It looks like he paired them up for stereo speaker blastin'.) For the answers to that and other more mundane questions like battery life and how much it will cost, we'll have to wait for Will.i.am to give us further info. Thankfully we won't have to wait long, as the Black Eyed Peas star later tweeted that his smartwatch would be launching this July.

Chatty Man, via Tech Radar

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