Full body dryer dries you off in 30 seconds or less

Credit: The Body Dryer

You may never have to use a bath towel after a shower again. Like something out of The Jetsons, The Body Dryer claims to be a device that'll completely dry anyone standing on it in 30 seconds or less.

Shaped like a bathroom scale, the Body Dryer is exactly what you probably think it is: a Dyson Air Blade hand dryer, but for drying your entire body. Its creator Tyler Overk claims the Body Dryer has been in development for over two years and that it'll have a positive impact on the environment.

In the Body Dryer's pitch video posted on Indiegogo, Overk states the gadget was created solve the problem of bacteria growing on towels.

"We realized that there's so many germs, so much bacteria that we're reusing and putting back onto our bodies after we've cleaned ourselves from the shower or even coming out of the pool," says Overk. "We came up with eliminating towels."

The Body Dryer works by blasting "super ionized air" up from the bottom "at strategic angles that push the water down off your body." Overk believes the Body Dryer could lead to healthier living and reduce the need for washing towels over and over. (Especially in a place such as a gym or pool.)

Here's a diagram Overk posted on the indiegogo site showinghow the drying works:

Skeptics remain unconvinced if the Body Dryer will be capable of drying a person's hair as well. There are also concerns that the Body Dryer could end up drying up a person's skin and hair to undesirable conditions. Also, how much electricity does this dang thing use?

So far, The Body Dryer's indiegogo campaign has raised over $37,000 of its $50,000 goal and it still has 28 days to go. That said, we're still suspicious of the fact funding started on April 1. (Because April Fool's.) Hopefully this entire thing isn't a hoax. Though, if it is, Overk's (if that's even his real name) going to have to deal with a mob of angry Internet users who threw money at his project.

Via Indiegogo

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