Personal helicopter concept side-steps the flying car

Flying cars are a very cool idea, but once you've flown yours, you might find that driving along the roadways feels a little passé. A new concept from designer Eduardo Galvani, which conjures up the flying saucer cars of The Jetsons, gives us a glimpse of a future where the car itself has become a thing of the past. The vehicle is called the Fly Citycopter, and it's a two person whirligig that you park on your roof.

Galvani envisions a world where everyone has a pilot's license, where city-dwellers have porches meant for parking their helicopters, and (likely) where our robot servants greet us with a cheery "evenin', Mister J." His Citycopter design is a personal electric helicopter meant to get you from home to Spacely Space Sprockets and back. It could also fly city folks out into the country for the day.

As an electric vehicle, the Citycopter is a bit limited by its range. To combat the possibility of getting stranded in the boondocks aboard a dead whirlybird, Galvani has also noted that his design includes solar cells. In concept, the Citycopter will have a 300 mile range and a top speed of 120 miles per hour. That's not an overwhelming number but what with Tesla setting up dozens of charging stations across the country, a personal helicopter with a 300-mile range might not really be the end of the world. In fact, it just might mean the end of the automobile.

Hemisferio Criativo, via Yanko Design

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