First look at the new reversible USB cable

Credit: Foxconn

Technology users, you can now celebrate. The days of struggling to plug a USB into your devices will soon be over. No more turning the plug over and over to figure out just which way it goes in. Although it seems to have taken entirely too long for reversible USB cables to come to market, we got word last year that new reversible plugs were on the way. Now, we have the first illustration of what these new cables will look like, thanks to renderings by Foxconn.

This new plug, called USB Type-C is based on both the USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 spec. The new Type-C plugs are reversible, which is obviously the main draw of using them: you no longer have to worry about which side is up when plugging a USB cord into your device. (Anyone who has ever used Apple's Lightning cable knows how convenient this is). The USB Type-C plugs are said to be slightly larger than a micro USB plug, which is a big improvement over the regular "big" USB plug. The smaller size means that new laptops and devices will need less space for ports so manufacturers can make hardware smaller and thinner.

More importantly, the new USB Type-C cables will offer fast transfers: 10Gbps.

We should see new USB Type-C enabled products by the end of the year, with the cables available as early as July. Of course, those of us with existing devices are still going to curse every time we try to plug our old cables in, but once we upgrade hardware, such frustrations will be a thing of the past.

Via Extreme Tech

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