World's fastest human-powered bike hopes to surpass 90 mile per hour

Credit: University of Liverpool Velocipede (ULV) Team

When you picture a bicycle, you think of a vehicle with two wheels, a handle bar, pedals, and a seat. You don't usually picture something that looks like a "futuristic sex toy," as FastCompany calls it.

The Arion 1 is not your average looking hipster bike, that's for sure. Designed by eight engineering students from the University of Liverpool Velocipede Team (ULV), the Arion 1 has an enclosure that hides its two wheels. Riders have to lie down inside, as low as possible. And the only way to see where you're going is by using a built-in video camera.

It's still a prototype, but the Arion 1 team thinks it can break 90 miles per hour, and surpass the current human-powered lands speed world record of 83.1 miles per hour held by the VeloX3's.

"We're trying to make our vehicle around 40 times more aerodynamic than a Bugatti Veryon," Patrick Harper, an engineer on the team, told FastCompany.

That includes making the gear that turns the bike's wheels rotate 17 times for every one pedal the biker makes. Comparatively, regular bikes have a gear ratio of only 4:1.

The ULV team hopes to have the Arion 1 bike ready to break the VeloX3's bike by May 2015.

You can see the video below of the current record holder, the VeloX3, making a speed in Battle Mountain, Nevada last year to get an idea of how the Arion 1 will look in motion.

Via FastCompany

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