Touchscreen seat backs could make flying coach seem luxurious

Credit: Jan Messiner

Boarding an airplane can often feel like an exercise in humility. Stumbling your way past the pre-boarded muckety-mucks in first class as they sip their already-delivered cocktails can make even the most liberal members of society feel like they're living in a caste system. Knowing that you aren't headed to an undersized seat where you'll have to fight to the death with the dude next to you for use of the arm rest could certainly ease the public shaming of it all, but since that'll never happen, we can only hope for the addition of a few extra bells and whistles.

Designer Jan Meissner has come up with a concept that might make flying feel like the luxury it was to be back in the '60s. By redesigning the seats to both adjust their shape to suit your body and to be as thin as possible, Meissner's COS concept has assured that you'll have all the comfort and space you could want. The design also includes a sizable touchscreen built into the back of each seat, allowing you to order food, check out the landscape zipping by below your feet, chat with other passengers, and so on.

The traditional fold-down dining tray has been redesigned too. Flipping it over, you'll find a cushion designed to allow you to get a little shut-eye. All in all, the concept is a brilliant idea, but with all the high-tech materials and convenience it offers, we can't help but think that any airline that implements it will be looking to hike prices a bit. Basically, this level of comfort might be too much of a good thing when it comes to being able to buy a ticket aboard the plane to begin with. Still, it sure looks nice, doesn't it?

Incom, via Yanko Design

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