Funky LEGO machine cranks out seriously hypnotic electronic beats

Credit: Alex Allmont

A tangle of wires and LEGO Technic bricks, Play House is a convoluted mish-mash of toys and technology. It also happens to play music. Developed by coder and LEGO enthusiast Alex Allmont for this year's AudioGraft festival, held in Oxford, UK; Play House is as fun to hear as it is to watch whirring about.

At first glance, Play House looks more like the creation of a child than something made by a serious LEGO fanatic. It whirs and clicks about on its tabletop in a sort of mesmerizingly mundane way, but doesn't really impress right away. It's only when you notice the pairs of headphones casually hung on a nearby wall that the machine's true worth becomes apparent. Slinging the headphones over your ears, you're greeted by a world of sound much more interesting than the simple clicks of the LEGO bricks against one another.

As impressive as it is, Allmont's original concept for the Play House exhibit was even more complex. A truncated build timeline and the need to keep food on the table actually forced him to truncate his design. Since the current model is still very cool, we're hoping that Allmont does find the time to build the full version very soon.

Make, via Wired

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