KOR-FX haptic vest lets you feel game damage on your chest

Credit: KOR-FX

Five years ago, a company called Immerz was founded by a physicist. The idea was to create a lightweight haptic vest for gamers. Back in 2010, the vest poked its head out at the Consumer Electronics Showc (CES), but after that Immerz went rather silent. That silence has finally been broken and Immerz has a new version of its haptic gaming vest ready for pre-order.

The new KOR-FX haptic vest is designed to fit practically any body type, allowing gamers to practically forget that they've got it on — at least until they take an in-game hit. Quite thankfully, the vest has also been modified from its earlier versions to include wireless connectivity, meaning that you can wear it while aboard your gaming treadmill. On-chest buttons and dials allow you to personalize the impacts you feel and how far from you they can originate.

The vest can produce varying effects for different impacts. Explosions pulse through your body, while being shot in the back can strike you right in the shoulder. The KOR-FX vest is currently available for pre-order, but no price has been set, and the best we can give you is a delivery date set for sometime this year. (Most likely afte E3 in June.)

Kor-Fx, via Gizmag

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