Boom Boom smart speaker’s features evolve over time

Credit: Binauric

From smartphones and smartwatches to smart cars and smart appliances, almost everything in our daily lives is getting more intuitive and intelligent. The only problem with these technologies, though, is that they often become obsolete quickly, sometimes within a year. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a gadget that would keep getting smarter over time? The company Binauric thinks so and have created an audio device, the Boom Boom speaker, that comes with additional built-in hardware that keeps it evolving for as long as the user owns it.

Obviously, the Bluetooth-enabled Boom Boom speaker at its heart is just that: a speaker that lets you listen to your music, podcasts and conference calls. But on the inside, it’s much more than an audio device. Not only does it contain a standard speaker, but it also has an accelerometer, light sensors and a microphone. These pieces of hardware don’t have uses yet, but the company hopes that Boom Boom’s users will come up with new and unique ways of growing the speaker’s features.

For example, think of Boom Boom playing a piece of music. But what if you were to move the speaker around, affecting its accelerometers? Maybe each movement changes the pitch of the music, taking what you’re listening to up or down an octave. Maybe you can move the speaker around in multiple ways and create music of your own, perhaps via a music app on your smartphone. Perhaps shaking it goes to the next song. Perhaps throwing it in the air triggers the speaker to get louder. Shining a light at it could turn the volume up or down. Or maybe with the right app, you can speak into Boom Boom’s microphone and hear your voice returned as that of Darth Vader.

See where this going? According to Binauric, the possibilities are endless. Boom Boom retails for around $275, so if you’re looking for a new tech toy to play with, you can buy it from its website.

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