Tech-packed onesie turns you into a walking Wi-Fi hotspot

When you think of wearable tech, chances are you likely think of Google Glass or the latest smartwatch. That's all well and good, but for Dutch fashion designer Borre Akkersdijk, the current status of the wearable tech revolution missed the mark in a rather important way: it isn't really very wearable. That is, snapping a device to your wrist or balancing it on your nose isn't quite the same thing as throwing on a sweater.

He isn't wrong, and we might have agreed with him even if Akkersdijk hadn't taken it upon himself to build some very wearable tech of his own. At this year's SXSW, Akkersdijk, who generally just goes by Borre, showed off one of his two truly wearable prototype devices. It's called the BB.Suit, and what it boils down to is a sort of tech-packed onesie that acts as your own personal Wi-Fi hotspot. It's also equipped with GPS, allowing others to locate you (or at least your onesie) whenever they like.

So far, Borre has used his tech-infused clothing to crowdsource an SXSW playlist for himself and to keep up with social networking while wandering about the festival. If he's able to develop a version of the BB.Suit with electronics that can survive a few laundry cycles, Borre envisions his wearables creating a new passive sort of web connectivity. Dirty pants could suggest you visit a nearby laundromat. Shirts could live-tweet life events for you. Best of all, those heavy devices in your pockets and on your wrists could eventually disappear, their every function woven into the fabric of your clothes.

Via Wired

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