Autonomous car concept is really a tiny apartment on wheels

Credit: Michelin

The advent of the autonomous car will be a monumental sea change for everyone whose ever gripped a steering wheel. In fact, not needing to drive while in your vehicle has car designers in a bit of a tizzy. It's as if someone has suddenly told them that they're actually architects and not car designers at all. It's little wonder then, that we're beginning to see car concepts that resemble tiny apartments than traditional transportation.

One such concept is the DOMI, a windowless pod that can be configured into a living room, office, or even a bedroom for the sleepy road warriors of tomorrow. Instead of bothering you with what's going on outside, this autonomous car fills the space that used to be your windows with a series of rotating, modular screens and furniture. There's a semi-circular couch for relaxing in front of the TV and having a — probably still illegal — beer, a single swiveling chair in the car's center for doing a bit of work at the slide-out desktop, and enough floor space to stretch out and nap.

Obviously the car itself handles the driving, connected to smart road signs and equipped with plenty of sensors that keep track of the other folks on the road. But if you really, really want to do some driving, there actually is a Bluetooth-connected steering wheel hidden in the desktop. Without windows, you will of course have to drive with the aid of a series of video screens, which might make you a worse driver than you are today — especially if you've just had a beer and a nap. You're clearly better off just watching a movie and letting the car take care of the driving.

Michelin Design Challenge, via Yanko Design

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