Cheaper Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid will arrive in 2016

Great cars with exciting new technology don't always translate to great sales. That's what GM has learned with its Chevy Volt hybrid. In a little over three years, the smooth (and quiet) Volt has only mustered 58,158 sales, which is pretty terrible. To save the plug-in from an early demise, GM's planning to turn things around with a cheaper Volt hybrid set to hit roads in 2016.

According to a new Reuters report, a lower-priced Volt would cost a little over $30,000, as opposed to the current Volt's $34,995 MSRP, and make it more appealing amongst other plug-in hybrids such as the Toyota Prius, which starts at $30,800.

To sell a cheaper Volt, GM will most likely reduce the Volt's driving range from 380 miles to under 300 miles. The automaker will spend $384 million to spiff up its Detroit factories to build next-gen Volts.

In addition to a cheaper hybrid, GM's also hard at work improving the regular-priced Volt, which will not "deviate dramatically from the current model" and will "share its underpinnings with the next-generation Chevrolet Cruze." In other words, it probably won't get a sexy makeover. (Although, we're secretly hoping that some of the sleek styling from the original concept car returns.)

Will a cheaper Volt be able to keep the Volt dream alive? I guess we'll know in two years, won't we?

Via Reuters

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