Amazon smartphone with five front-facing cameras revealed

Credit: BGR

Amazon's smartphone plans are coming together at last. New photos and information published by BGR reveal Amazon's smartphone will employ an array of front-facing cameras to create a unique 3D user interface.

When you're planning to go up against the two most successful smartphones — Apple's iPhone 5s and Samsung's Galaxy S5 — you can't just go to the fight without a secret weapon.

Amazon's special feature for its own smartphone won't be a fingerprint sensor or a heart rate monitor, though. Instead, the company's reportedly betting on the use of five cameras embedded into the front of its smartphone's screen to create a glasses-free 3D (think Nintendo 3DS screen, but better) user interface that tracks your eyes and head movements. The amount of cameras employed would be unprecedented for a smartphone. Most smartphones only have one front-facing camera for video chatting and *shudder*selfies*shudder*.

Of the five front-facing cameras, four of them will reportedly be infrared cameras that work with sensors to create the 3D user interface, and the fifth for video chat/Amazon Mayday technical support.

But how will the cameras be used? According to BGR, wallpapers will shift when the smartphone is tilted and a maps app will make use of different 3D views. However, the most interesting tidbit may be the use of the cameras to show products Amazon sells in its stores in three dimensions.

BGR's sources also believe Amazon's smartphone will come with a 4.7-inch (720p resolution) screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 2GB of RAM and a 13-megapixel rear camera. In other word: pretty standard smartphone guts. A smaller, stripped-down version of the smartphone that will sell at a lower price is also reportedly in the works. Amazon's first smartphone could launch this summer.

Amazon's rumored smartphone and its features sound pretty gimmicky, yet we're incredibly intrigued by what the company is cooking up. It's not going to be easy dethroning the iPhone 5s and Galaxy S5, but I guess Amazon has to try. Why not? Amazon already has its own brand of tablets, e-readers and set-top boxes.


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