Dyson wants to suck up river garbage with a vacuum-equipped barge

Credit: James Dyson / TIME

You might not be able to see it, but there is a ton of trash in our rivers; plastic and debris washed in from ocean. You don't wan to go swimming in a river. Nuh uh. James Dyson, designer of the world's most famous vacuums, has a brilliant idea that could help clean up those dirty waterways.

Dyson's million dollar idea is called the M.V. Recyclone, a barge equipped with the powerful cyclone technology used in his company's vacuum cleaners. Dyson explained how such a barge would work to FastCompany:

"Large skim nets unfurl from the rollers at its stern and are anchored on each side of the river. Hydraulic winches wind them in and out. The nets face upstream and skim the surface of the river for floating debris. The plastic waste is shredded on board and then different grades of plastic are separated by a huge cyclone--very similar to the way our cyclonic vacuums work."

Dyson admits that the garbage-sucking barge is only a concept for now. Until the M.V. Recyclone is prototyped and tested, there's no telling if such a cleaning barge would even be effective. Then again, this is James Dyson we're talking about. The guy has enough money and resources to make this kind of thing a reality.

Hurry up Dyson, our rivers aren't getting cleaner if you just keep cranking out premium vacuums.

Via FastCompany

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