Hybrid electric flying car concept promises everything

Credit: Mix Aerospace

It's past time that we actually buckle down and unlock the door to the flying cars sci-fi has been promising us for decades. Imagine a car that is at once a road vehicle and a personal aircraft. Whether you're in the air or on the ground, this vehicle would be capable of driving itself wherever you might want to go. Your autonomous vehicle could even be persuaded to give you the reigns for a bit, if you've bothered with getting the requisite licenses, that is.

This is the idea behind the Skylys flying car concept, developed by French startup Mix Aerospace. To be very clear, this is a project in the very beginning stages of its infancy. Mix Aerospace has yet to even settle on a single concept design for the Skylys. The company, is currently seeking $3,124,069 (converted from 2.25 million Euros) via Indiegogo, but those funds aren't even to build a prototype. Instead, that money will go toward establishing Mix Aerospace as a brick-and-mortar outfit in Silicon Valley rather than the company that chiefly exists on paper today, meaning that the crowdfunding backer rewards don't actually include flying cars for everyone.

All that said, Mix Aerospace has stated that it could conceivable have the first Skylys drone car in production by as soon as 2018. That may sound a little way off, but if the Skylys materializes by then, it will actually beat the upcoming autonomous car revolution to the roadway by at least three years. Since we'd love an autonomous flying car of our own, we wish them all the best in that endeavor. The Skylys has currently raised just $180.50 towards its goal on Indiegogo.

Mix Aerospace, via Indiegogo and Recode

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