Handheld jet engines take extreme sports to the next level

Credit: Jamie Barrow

Speed demons, take note: your ship has come in. Whether you're into skateboarding or skiing, there is now a device that will let you do it faster than ever. The Thrusters, by Dreamscience are basically four tiny jet engines that you strap to your stomach and turn on when you want an extra burst of speed.

Powered by an on-board battery pack, the four electric jet engines have already been tested by paragliders, skaters, skiiers and snowboarders. In fact, snowboarder Jamie Barrow hit a top speed of 50 miles per hour when he took the Thrusters prototype out to a frozen lake near St. Moritz, Switzerland. He hit that speed with only the Thrusters as power, so imagine how fast you could get going on, say, a slope.

The Trusters are still in development, with the newest version coming down the pike boasting 132 pounds of burst thrust or a top sustainable force of 88 pounds of thrust for 15 minutes. Of course, you don't have to fire your engines at full-throttle all the time, and the Thrusters can even be used to help you maneuver or slow down at the end of a run. Heck, skip the ski-lift and have these suckers pull you up the mountain instead (you'll probably fall though).

The possibilities are pretty limitless when it comes to the many awesome ways adding jet engines can make extreme sports more fun. If the Thrusters catch on, we could even see a whole new realm of engine-assisted sport springing up in the next few years.

Dreamscience, via Gizmag

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