Desperately want Google Glass? You'll have only one day to buy it

Credit: Google

You can't just walk into a Best Buy and decide to buy Google Glass. It doesn't work like that. The Google Glass club is pretty exclusive. If you own Glass, you're either a developer who bought it early or were invited to become a member of the Glass Explorer Program. In both cases, you still had to pay $1,500 for Google Glass. However, a new report claims Google is planning to open up the Glass Program and let anyone who lives in the U.S. buy its fancy wearable for a limited time — a really limited time.

According to Google, Google is gearing up for an announcement on April 15 that will allow any U.S. resident to purchase Glass within one day. Google says "The number of spots available is limited, so mark your calendar if you want to get in." Buyers will also get a free pair frame or sunglass shade with their purchase. Sales start at 6 a.m. PDT.

These aren't the consumer versions of Google Glass, though. They're the same prototype version, which means they still have poor battery life, need to be tethered to a smartphone and they still cost a fortune.

To be frank, we're not sure why Google is offering a promotion that only lasts one day. Maybe its clearing inventory for a new model. Or maybe the impending Samsung Galaxy Glass is on its way. Maybe it's neither of those reasons and Google just wants to get Glass on more faces, so the wearable is becomes socially accepted quicker. One thing is for sure: a lot of rich kids are gonna buy Glass.

If you've been dying to get yourself Google Glass so you can become a glasshole amongst your peers, you might want to keep your ears open on April 15. It might be your only chance to throw your cash at Google and get a pair of Glass in return.

Google, via The Verge

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