Toss out your LED bulbs, LG launches an OLED lamp

Remember those LED light bulbs you bought last year that were supposed to last until the next ice age? Well, LG want's you to forget about that, so you can get excited about its new OLED lamps. This week LG is showing off its sleek desk lamp at the Light+Building 2014 show in Frankfurt, Germany, along with just a few details about what it can do.

Organic light emitting diodes (OLED) use the same basic technology as those sexy OLED TVs we've been drooling over for the last few years, only the lamp version simply displays a steady white light instead of a multicolored moving picture.

The OLED Table Lamp has the flexible version of LG's OLED that we've seen in its latest curved screen TVs, allowing the lamp to take on its curvaceous shape. Of course, it wouldn't be too cool if you could only control the lamp with an old-style switch on its power cable. The Table Lamp has Bluetooth capability and its own smartphone app that lets you control it from across the room. Just the thing to change the mood in the sexiest way possible.

LG hasn't given up on LEDs completely however, and another new introduction was the LED-based Smart Lamp which offers nine smartphone-controlled operating modes, including a sleep mode that dims the lamp slowly as you drift off into slumberland. LG also introduced the Color Tunable Flat Light, which allows the user to vary the color temperature to fit the situation.

LG didn't offer an availability date or price for the OLED Table Lamp, but based on OLED's claimed superior efficiency, I'm sure it will save you money in the long run. Even if that does mean running it 24/7 until some time beyond the next ice age.

LG News Room, via CNET

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