12 April Fool's Day tech pranks we wish were real

Credit: Razer

Take a look at your calendar. Yep, it's April Fool's Day, and you know what that means. Every year, more and more websites and companies get in on the pranking with their own fake gadgets and fake news.

Some are obvious, some have fooled us badly. To get through the day, let's just assume everything you see on the Internet is fake (you have to be pretty dense to announce new products today, anyway).We've parsed through the bulk of the tech pranks and picked out the best ones we wish were real. Have fun and be safe out there today DVICE-o-nauts.

1. Razer Eidolon Wearable Drone

With Razer's Eidolon Wearable Drone system, you can now have a drone following you wherever you go, providing a real-life third-person view of you doing exciting things like saving the world walking your dog. How do you see yourself from that awesome third-person (or first-person) video game perspective? The drone's camera streams it all live to your eyes. An arm gauntlet controller also lets you use gestures and voice controls to take arm-free selfies. By far, the best feature is "courier mode", a way for the mini drone to pick up Cheetos and drop them into your mouth so you don't need to take your eyes off that League of Legends match.

2. Google Emoji Translator

When I text, I use words. If you send me an emoji, or worse, two or three emoji's strung together, don't expect me to understand it. But, if I had this amazingly fake (but really should be real) Emoji translator, I'd be able to understand that snowman emoji you sent me actually means "shy snowman" and not "depressed snowman." Just thinking about all the friendships I could have saved is making me wish the emoji translator wasn't a pie in the sky.

3. Nerf Nuke

Nerf wars are only fun when you win. Winning is everything. The Nerf Nuke fires 80 darts in every direction, up to 30 feet, which means you're almost guaranteed to destroy your foes every single time without fail. As ThinkGeek puts it:

"To conserve space, the NERF Nuke uses a reverse-plunger system, which compromises distance for compactness. But hey, it'll still fire the darts up to 30 feet when it hits. However, theNERF Nuke Launcher is a tripod-mounted, direct-plunger system, and can rocket the NERF Nuke itself up to 40 feet - just far enough for you to be outside the blast radius."

4. Tea-powered MINI Cooper T

Luxury automakers aren't immune to shenanigans, either. For eco-nerds everywhere, here's the MINI Cooper T, a car powered by tea-leaf biofuel composite. BMW's head of fake department claims a single cup of tea can power the MINI Cooper T for up to 40 miles. We wish. And get this, the car will come in different tea-themed colors: Chamomile Yellow, Red bush and Earl Grey. Oh ho ho! Check out all of BMW's drink puns in its press release here.

5. Virgin + Nest's In-flight Total Temperature Control

Nest, a soon-to-be Google company, and Virgin America, a er, galactic company are teaming up to make your flying experience less crappy. In the video above, Sir Richard Branson and Tony Fadell wax poetic about Total Temperature Control, a way for each passenger set their own custom climate. With it, you, too, can experience a Cancun sun or a Polar Vortex cold of your own. Um, sure. We'll settle just for free Nest thermostats, too, though.

6. Sony Power Food

Have you ever looked at your hot dog and wished it could be used to recharge your smartphone or MP3 player? Yeah, me neither. Some brilliant engineer at Sony apparently did and created a breakthrough "voltaic enzyme" that converts the energy from fat and sugar in electric power. Anyone wanna try out Sony's Crunch Loops cereal, Power Food Cake mix or Power Energy Bars?

7. Samsung Fingers

Google Glass and smartwatches — HA! — who needs them. The next big thing is a smart glove. Samsung Fingers is the Korean electronic giant's wishful vision that brings us one step closer to a Minority Report world. Fingers has all of the over-to-top specs seen in the image above and is exactly what it looks like — a smartphone built into a glove. S Laser beam projector? Check. A gajillion sensors you'll never need? Check. Solar charging by waving it up at the sun? Check. As a bonus, Fingers also reproduces the sound of a fart at the pull of a finger. Now, that's innovation we can get behind.

8. Gmail Shelfie

The emoji translator isn't the only prank Google cooked up. Because you're so obsessed with taking selfies, Google thought it wise to take your narcissistic hobby one step further with Gmail Shelfie. Shelfie is a way to set a selfie of yourself as a theme on someone else's Gmail account, so they too, can stare at your crooked nose and doofy smile. The sad part is that while Shelfie is a joke, there are probably at least a handful of people out there who would kill for this.

9. Klingon Rosetta Stone

While I've never used Rosetta Stone for learning new languages, I've heard it's effective, if you stick with it. Learning English, French or Mandarin? Pfftt. You're aiming too low. If you want to live long and prosper, you need to learn something far more useful: Klingon. Thanks to ThinkGeek and Rosetta Stone, learning Klingon is simple and easy, so long as you don't mind sounding like this.

10. Titanfall Optimus Prime

Everybody's playing Titanfall, even cheaters who are playing other cheaters. That's why it's so cruel to see this fake trailer for an Optimus Prime DLC. A Transformers and Titanfall collaboration would be insane. Heck, why stop at just Optimus. How about releasing all kinds of Transformers Titanfall DLC? Sadly, it's all an elaborate prank and this titan isn't rolling out for real.

11. HTC Gluuv

Either Samsung sent a spy into HTC or HTC sent a spy into Samsung. Somehow, both companies ended up with a similar glove-related prank this year. Whereas Samsung's Finger is a little more elegant, HTC's Gluuv smartphone of the future is essentially an HTC One (M8) attached to a Nintendo Power Glove. According to the poorly photoshopped images on HTC's website, the Gluuv appears to have the ability to make HoloCalls (holographic calls), a way to wirelessly charge a giant boombox just by holding its handle, and real-life thumbs up gestures that translate to Likes on Facebook. Lastly, there's an 87.2-megapixel camera that works by fist bumping.

12. Sphero SelfieBot

For some inane reason, selfie pranks are hot this year. Every time I see someone take a selfie, I want to poke my eyes out. Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but um...head lice. Orbotix, makers of the Sphero Robot Ball, have concocted up a new way to take selfies: the SelfieBot. The bulbous shaped robot hovers around you, waiting for your selfie command. Its only mission is to snap photos of your mug so you can post them on social media for posterity.

Honorable Mentions

Not every prank is worthy of your time or laughs. If you're going to pull a prank on the Internet today, you can't go half-assing it. Here's a list of some decent tech-related pranks that could have been better if the companies behind them took pranking a little more seriously.

Angry Birds VR

Sega Genesis VR glasses

Roku Watch


LinkedIn for Cats

Opera's Internet Browser for Cats

Nokia Dumbphone With 41-Megapixel Camera

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