Subaru Viziv 2 hybrid shames all other SUVs with its sick doors

At last year's Geneva Motor Show, rather than a car, Subaru debuted what looked like a wing-flapping pig on wheels. The concept was called the Viziv, and its back again this year, thankfully with smaller scissor doors. The Viziv 2 is Subaru's newest vision of the future. It's Subaru-invented name, in fact, means "vision for innovation."

Under the hood, the Viziv 2 is packing an odd mix of tech. There's a 1.6-liter boxer diesel engine, along with three electric motors, making this a diesel/electric hybrid. That's not something you often see in an all-terrain, all-wheel-drive vehicle. With two of the electric motors individually powering each of the rear wheels, however, Subaru believes that you'll be in total, torque vector-aided control of your drive.

Subaru still seems pretty set on giving us doors that open more like Iron Man's helmet than anything we're used to, but in the Viziv 2, the look is actually pretty cool. Far from the flying pig we saw last year, we'd feel pretty cool stepping into one of these puppies. This is definitely not your ol' Highlander. Of course, as a concept car, much of the Viziv 2's features are destined for the cutting room floor rather than the showroom. It's far from a self-driving car, but an off-road hybrid diesel SUV is still pretty cool.

Subaru, via Motor Authority

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