Drone takes light paintings into whole new realm


Light paintings, or long exposure photography if you want to be technically correct, never gets old. Over the years, we've seen quite an impressive array of creative light paintings made using different techniques. But this is the first time we've seen an artist use a drone to light up the night in such spectacular fashion.

Artist and remote-control aviation enthusiast FICTION thought it'd be fun to try to emulate some of the aesthetic from Close Encounters of the Third Kind using a drone. To create his "Close Encounters of the Phantom Kind" homage, FICTION took a DJI Phantom drone, strapped some lights to it, flew it around at night, and then took some long exposure shots.

The result: some decent abstract light art. Good, but not great stuff. To turn the ordinary-looking long exposures into something more eye-catching, FICTION imported the shots into Photoshop and mirrored them. As you can see for yourself in the gallery below, the final composites are way more interesting to look at.

We know Amazon and the UAE are wetting their pants at the idea of drone delivery systems, but can we get some more drone art guys? More of this stuff please.

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FICTION, via The Awesomer

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