Build the smartwatch of your dreams with this modular wearable

Credit: Blocks

Thanks to Google, the world is going to receive its very first upgradable, customizable smartphone. Project ARA will be, for all intents and purposes, the last smartphone you'll ever have to buy. With wearables on the rise, it only makes sense that we have the same sort of choice and flexibility strapped to our wrists andd faces.

The developers of a new smartwatch couldn't agree more. Simply entitled Blocks, their creation is as modular as Google's smartphone. It comes with all the gadgets you want on your wrist, and none that you don't. No longer will you be tethered to choosing either a fitness band or a watch that can display your emails legibly. Each of the links in the Blocks smartwatch's band can contain a different function. You simply purchase all the different accelerometers, heart monitors and voice recorders you want, snap them together and you've got a smartwatch that does exactly what you want it to.

There are even a few watch faces to choose from. You can have your big flashy touchscreen, an energy-saving e-ink display, or something as simple as an LED screen like that on your current health-tracking bracelet.

Of course, depending on what you choose, the cost of your smartwatch will vary. Then again, you don't have to buy every link in your ideal Blocks smartwatch all at once. Regular old "dummy blocks" can serve as placeholders for those new gadgets you want to include once that next paycheck rolls in. You can also swap out the parts you do have when they break or an upgrade hits the market.

Even more impressive, Blocks will feature an open marketplace for developers. That means that, if there's something you want your smartwatch to do that the makers of Blocks haven't thought up, you can build it yourself. You might even make a tidy profit if other folks in the Blocks community like your invention. There's no word yet on when Blocks will be available, but you might want to reserve that space on your wrist for one now. It might be the last smartwatch you ever have to buy.

Blocks, via TechCrunch

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