Pizza Hut's NFC-enabled table concept makes waiting for orders fun

Credit: Pizza Hut

Families and and sports teams used to flock to the local pizza parlor, order up a couple pizzas, and throw away a handful of quarters or two trying to get a high score on Street Fighter. Nowadays, the few folks who do set foot in a pizza parlor are usually so plugged into their phones they may even forget to order. But a new table thought up by the folks at Chaotic Moon Studios just might be cool enough to resurrect some of those now-gone pizza parlor parties.

The table in question is basically a big ol' tablet that comes with its own booth. Sitting at the interactive table, pizza-craving guests can plop their phones down on its surface. Via an NFC connection, the table greets you by name and starts up your pizza-ordering process. Since the table is one big touchscreen, ordering your pizza on it is a fun and interactive process that everyone at the table can take part in.

Sure, it's a lot like ordering from Pizza Hut online, but this way you're actually interacting with your friends. Once you've got your ideal order put together, you can even pay through your phone. Any credit cards you've linked to your device will pop up on your screen, and presto, you're all done.

Well, done except for the 30 minutes of waiting for your pizza, that is. This, however, is where the real brilliance of this table comes in. As long as your phone is connected to the table, you have access to all your apps and games. Its just like having that Street Fighter arcade game to waste quarters on, except you can forget about the quarters.

The only problem we can see with this whole glorious concept is the eventuality of someone spilling a pitcher of "soda" on the thing. As long as there's a reliable way to keep the table from becoming an expensive stick mess of non-functional scrap (like this spill-proof Android-powered coffee table), we say green light this puppy ASAP.

Pizza Hut, via Engadget

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