InAiR brings a Minority Report-like interface to your 3DTV

Credit: SeeSpace

Watching AVATAR again and again might be fun for some, but the 3DTV wasn't invented simply to placate James Cameron. With gesture control and augmented reality being introduced to every facet of our lives, people are becoming more attuned to managing their media en-masse. Watching a film, you're likely tempted to check your phone for messages or scour IMDB to see how the heck you recognize a particular actor.

The problem is that staring into multiple displays all at once can give you a sort of tunnel vision. It also tends to keep your brain busier than you might like to think, separating relaxation from leisure and tiring you out. All the while, we've been promised an interface more like those seen in Minority Report. By harnessing your 3DTV's potential, you just might realize the dream of the interactive, seamless interface from Philip K. Dick's vision of the future.

With a new gadget, now funding on Kickstarter, you can utilize the space between your TV and your face to check social media, do research, and stream media like never before. Developed by San Francisco-based Stealth Start-up SeeSpace (say that ten times, fast), InAiR is an HDMI dongle for your TV that brings web content to the space between your eyes and your screen.

You can control your content through gesture control via Kinect or Leap Motion to complete the Minority Report feel. Lacking one of these, you can also turn your phone into a trackpad via a complimentary app. Either way, you'll never have to look away from your screen again, with any and all information you want hovering right before your eyes. InAiR has nearly finished gathering funds on Kickstarter, so if you'd like a 3DTV interface to be in your future, you'd better act fast. A 3DTV-connected InAiR will run you as little as $149.

SeeSpace, via Kickstarter

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