Coolest business card ever plays Tetris

Paper business cards are so generic. In recent years, companies have tried to spice up the ol' biz card with wireless tech such as NFC and RFID, but what they really should have done was make them play video games, like this one that plays Tetris, the best puzzle game of all time.

This is the Arduboy, a digital business card created by Bateske Design. It resembles a Game Boy and kind of works like one too. The Arduino-based card is only 1.6mm-thick and has tiny OLED screen, capacitive D-pad and A/B buttons, and a piezo speaker. For business-y things, the card can display a QR code or a person's resumé.

But after you're done looking at a person's lame work history, you can use the card to play Tetris until your eyes bleed from making lines. (Remember, Tetris is apparently good for curbing cravings.) Currently, Arduboy only plays Tetris, but in the future, it could emulate Pokémon according to the Bateske Design's website. And don't worry, battery life is pretty good, too: over nine hours.

Bateske Design's website says a Kickstarter is in the works, so it won't be long before you can buy your own. The Arduboy cards won't be cheap, though: about $30 for a DIY kit, $50 for assembled cards, and $100 for ones with custom artwork.

If exchanging business cards is a way to make a first impression with new work buds or business partners, then handing out the Arduboy will definitely ensure you make their VIP list.

Bateske, via Boing Boing

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