This motorcycle is actually a security camera

Credit: Megadeluxe

A little while back, Japanese security company "Japan Security System Co, Ltd." wanted to make a bit of a splash (possibly to counteract the blandness of their chosen name). At the equally bland-sounding SECURITY SHOW, the company's president, Mr. Kaku, wanted to show off a new, artsy security camera for hotel lobbies and upmarket storefronts. What they got was a motorcycle.

To explain how this sort of thing might happen, you have to understand the artist who was commissioned to produce the camera in question. His name is Chicara Nagata, and he's a bit of a savant when it comes to motorcycle design. Maybe Mr. Kaku wanted a sort of motorhead-styled camera, but chances are he didn't expect what he got: a motorcycle with a 360-degree field of view.

With its head and tail lights replaced by off-the-shelf video cameras, the minimalist design of the bike also includes two side-facing cameras located right in front of the (tiny) seat. Inconvenient as the placement of those cameras might be, they're not the last of the bike's sins. There's also the tiny little 49cc engine, a teensy gas tank, and the apparent utter lack of brakes.

Needless to say, while this bike may look like a mobile spy outpost, it's far from road-worthy — or even street legal. Still, Mr. Kaku can't be too miffed after seeing a crazy little motorcycle delivered when all he wanted was a security camera.

Megadeluxe, via PetaPixel

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