Gallery: NASA's collection of 'Gravity'-like pictures from space

Credit: NASA

Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity won seven Oscars at last night's 86th Academy Awards, including best visual effects and best director. That's quite impressive for a film where Sandra Bullock is just freaking out uncontrollably for an hour and a half. But if you're bummed the sci-fi space drama didn't take home the coveted "best picture" award, here's a consolation prize.

In the run-up to the Academy Awards, NASA released a set of curated photos titled "'Gravity' - NASA's Real-Life Images". The set includes photos from throughout the years that showcase the awe and calm of space. But unlike Gravity, the photos don't show how dangerous space expeditions are. Don't be fooled, space exploration is serious business where lives are at stake during every spacewalk. Regardless, this collection of photos is gorgeous. (And we're also looking for any excuse to post photos of space shuttles.)

We've picked out some of our favorites in the gallery below, but to see the full set you'll need to head over to NASA's flickr page.

Via Flickr

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