Fortune-telling wrist-projector could give you knowledge of the future

Credit: Dor Tal

Fortune-telling is one of those practices that, despite its long and storied history, usually comes up short on useful information. Israeli designer Dor Tal believes we've reached the point in human history where fortunetelling can be both pertinent and useful in everyday life. He's not quite asking you to stop off at the local tarot-reader's every day. Instead, he's thought up an app for that.

Predictables is a sort of automated social media stalker/calendar app. Housed in a wrist-mounted projector, the app projects future events onto the palm of your hand. The events appear as color-coded bubbles, each color corresponding to a different area of your life. Romance is red, work is green, finances are blue and so on. The closer to the present an event gets, the larger its bubble looms on your palm, and by tapping the bubble, you can get details about the upcoming event.

Basically, Predictables would scour not only your social media and conversational history, but that of your loved ones, friends and co-workers. Once it finds something of relevance to your life, it will offer up some sort of cryptic advice like "you should buy Anna Flowers, she's about to be sad." In theory, it's a brilliant idea; you'll be alerted in advance if you'll need to leave work early due to traffic. Or you'll know if you should keep next Friday open for that party that hasn't been announced yet. You'll even be able to know if you're on the right track in your relationship.

Then again, fortune tellers can't be right all the time — even those who get their data from your actual conversations. People lie, exaggerate and change their plans last minute. So at best, Predictables will be getting it right some of the time and making you look like a weirdo the rest. Giving Anna flowers when she was merely venting to a friend about a moment of stress could come off as creepy. Leaving work because traffic "is gonna be awful" might make you look like a slacker when the roads are clear for your boss's drive home. If the predictables concept really does take off, we'll definitely be snapping it up, but we'll be taking those fortune telling words of wisdom just as seriously as we do the advice from our fortune cookies.

Dor Tal, via Designboom

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