World's fastest R/C car blazes down the track at over 188 MPH

Credit: Nic Case

When you think of remote-controlled cars on average, you probably imagine something like a monster truck or a little red coupe that zips around the driveway for a few hours until the dog eats it or you back over it in your car. But those are the hum-drum of R/C, the plebeian battery-powered toys for the masses. For those whose R/C hobby has turned the corner towards fanaticism, there's a whole other world out there.

Take R/C speed demon Nic Case, for example. For years now he's been in the business of breaking speed records. In 2008, his Schumacher Mi3-based R/C entered the record books at 161.76 miles per hour. Last November, with a new vehicle called the "R/C Bullet", he broke his own record, topping out at 171.97 miles per hour. Now, with Case at the controls, a revamped and enhanced R/C Bullet has hit the track again, shattering its own record.

In a video uploaded to YouTube just this week, the R/C Bullet streaks across the screen in two exceptionally quick runs. Running on carbon fiber wheels and BSR tires, the little orange R/C car blew down the track, first at 182 miles per hour and then at an astounding 188.87 miles per hour. Not even if you had a $100,000 sports car could you beat that speed.

Case isn't done yet, though. Ever since his 2008 record, he's been on a quest to control an R/C car that can hit 200 miles per hour, a speed he's rapidly closing in on with this new record.

Nic Case, via Autoblog