Command your own flying, fire-breathing dragon for $60,000

Game of Thrones fans, your ship has come in. It's crazy expensive and as dangerous as a white walker, but you can now officially have your own flying, fire-breathing dragon. With a nine-foot wingspan, the Hammacher Schlemmer Flying Fire Breathing Dragon is sure to send your enemies fleeing in terror.

The dragon's fiery breath shoots three feet from its gaping green maw, but the real horror of this flying beast is the mini jet engine mounted in its belly. Fueled by a half-gallon of either jet fuel or kerosene, this plywood, epoxy glass and Nomex monster can take to the skies for up to 10 minutes and hit speeds of up to 70 miles per hour. While in flight the dragon's propane-fueled flames are mercifully inoperable, likely saving your dragon from the embarrassment of an explosive mid-air mishap.

The dragon's V-tail, er, tail has hidden ailerons and elevators in its design, allowing you to command your dragon (via radio remote) to swoop down on the unsuspecting populace of your local hamlet. It sounds like a crazy amount of fun, but the $60,000 price tag ensures that only those with the wealth of a Lannister will be able to snap up one of these R/C dragons.

Our advice if you see one of these green R/C monsters: don't wait until you see the glowing LEDs of its eyes. Just run, because whoever's at the controls has enough money to watch the world burn, and now they've got the flames to start the fire.

Hammacher Schlemmer, via Geek Alerts

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